Why LinkedIn groups can be great for building your mortgage business

Creating a successful LinkedIn group can help you build your mortgage business, share insights and build valuable connections.


The Later Life lending market continues to grow

As the later life market continues to grow, and with the sector going through a boom period, it's imperative that those operating within it don't lose sight of the need to provide a gold standard service to customers.


Are your clients 'set for life'?

Around the core insurance benefit, Income Protection is developing into a far fuller proposition – embracing prevention, early intervention and rehabilitation services.


Guaranteed Income Drawdown - providing certainty in uncertain times

Retirement isn't what it used to be and the demand for guaranteed income solutions that offer both flexibility and security continues to grow.


Industry Voice Issue 6

IRESS Industry Voice provides analysis, commentary and trends from the mortgage and protection industry. The 'Innovation Generation' issue looks at what is driving innovation in financial software, and where it can go from here.


The Generation Game

Rising house prices have left even starter homes out of reach for most first-time buyers. This has seen many parents and grandparents using gifting as a primary use of the equity released through their homes.


Leading your team to success

Mortgage brokers may find themselves managing a team of other brokers. Let's find out how you can deliver success and drive your team to the very best they can be.


How brokers can help investor clients at auction

Brokers can help guide their clients with the necessary finances in order to secure the property they want. Here are 5 key options to help investors at auction.


What do landlords want from a mortgage broker?

Landlords want mortgage brokers who are experts in Buy-to-Let mortgages. Attract their business by showing them you have in-depth knowledge of the rental market.


Celebrating successes, meeting needs & supporting advisers

The equity release sector is undergoing huge growth but in order to sustain this, lenders need to innovate and adapt in line with consumer trends.


Home Improvement Report

With so many homeowners looking to take on home improvement projects, we take a look at how to keep on top of the current market activity.


Sandwich Generation finances are spread too thinly

The 'Income Roulette' research highlights financial worries, concerns and attitudes, particularly those belonging to the 'Sandwich Generation'.

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